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Siiick Rave

Friday 22.11.2019 23:00 Kulturhaus Kili (Wiesenweg 5-9, 10365 Berlin - Lichtenberg) Hardcore/Rave IDM/Glitch/Breakcore Jungle Techno/House/Electro

The third time we will organize our low budget "just for fun" underground party "Sick Rave". Every artist get the same money and the rest we will give to the Kultuhaus Kili there are supporting a lot of solidarity partys. Thanks for that!

Mainfloor, Jungle, Rave, Breakcore, Gabba

Barfloor, Elektro, Techno, House, Progressive, 80s

Garagefloor, Tekno, Hartek, Tribe, Acid

7 - 12 €

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