The premier Berlin Drum&Bass resource.

Since 2004 is the independent Drum&Bass website in Berlin and Potsdam. For a long time a forum and social community, we are currently a little bit in hibernation and concentrate on events only. If you want to help improve the situation contact "alex [├Ąt]" via email. Needed are coders (php, html, js, css), designers, moderators and visionaries.

For all the people asking what happend to the the old website... the forum was using a software that is not supported anymore. In its current state there was a high possibility that an attacker could gain access to private conversations and the email adresses of all members. As I (Alex) am responsible for the safety of your data, I had to take the forum offline.


To ease you into the change we created a telegram channel and a telegram group. The channel will be used to post a weekly summary of all upcomming events and important information. In the group all members can post messages and converse freely. (Your phone number will not be shared in telegram.)