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Climate 24 hours: Lena Willikens, dBridge, Skee Mask

Saturday 24.09.2022 23:59 ... () Drum&Bass Techno/House/Electro Breakbeat/BigBeat Jungle

Location: Backsteinboot Eiswerderstrasse 18, 13585 Berlin

Souls dissolve into sound this September as Climate of Fear dissects the inner and outer manifestations of pleasure oscillating between the deep, rhythmic pulls of the hypnotic, the euphoric, and the sublime.

From the 24th of September to the 25th, doors open to an invitation into the birthing of a reverberating journey, gravitating towards the familiar unknown, offering sonic sequences sewn from pulsating patterns and lucid beats lasting 24 solid hours. The constant flow of varying vibrant synergies and light will guide you towards profound movements, creating an exchange of energies stimulating the very spaces and corners of the Backsteinboot, a converted loft sitting on an island in Berlin.

Shuttle transport will depart directly to the venue & back from Seegefelder Strasse bus exit at Berlin-Spandau station - watch out for the "Climate of Fear" sign that will mark the location of the shuttle. Please check in before the event for the exact departure times. Upon arrival, expectations on the guidelines of our space will be delivered to all attendees to help ensure respect & mutual comfortability in the dance. As dawn breaks & light cascades from Backsteinboot’s all-encompassing window views, breakfast will be available as we celebrate the potential of the new day.