14.01.2017 yaya23 records label night @ Kili Berlin

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Samstag, 14.Januar 2017

Saturday 14.01.2017


Time is passing fast so we are as always in a time scale delation lab and thatfor only now kickin ´ of the next edition of the label gatherings.

The second, experimental floor will be hosted by our comrades from Praxis records & Oppositaer. Happy to have them onboard once more for this edition of international audio-navigation.

As before we are collaborating with Kulturhaus Kilimanjaro which is supplying the "scene" for this audio-venture.

Due to the perfect AC - power situation @ kili you can expect
an unlimited - full - range - sound - installtion . Ask your friends.

Exclusive pre-sale for tickets @ YaYa / Praxis record shop in
Lenbachstr. 9, 10245 Berlin . Limited capacity !

Line up Floor 1 :

VIKKEI (obs.cur / yaya23) _ live set
I.N.D. (hangar / yaya23) _ live set
Mr. FLAG (yaya23 records )_ live set
NAUTILUS (A sound)
YAYA (cyberrise)

Line up Floor 2 :

BASE FORCE ONE (Praxis) _ live
ARI NEV & GIFT! (Oppositaer / A++) _ live
ZOMBIEFLESHEATER (kritik am leben)
LYNX (Praxis)

visual installation : VJ CYPER & friends

...time to get ill!!!
stanislas 4 tricky tunes