06.05.2017: St.Abil Night @ Rauchhaus

Bild von Nautilus
Samstag, 6.Mai 2017

Soliparty for the underground collective Studio Stabil.
Offering an uncommercial rehearsal and recording space for out of the system audio pioneering and navigation methods.

from 21.00h:
Küfa and musical introduction

from 23.00: Bands, live acts, DJanes:

A Kind of Protest (Liveact, Rotzpunk)
Dysnea Boys (Liveact, 80ies Westcoast Hardcore)
Ken Mutant (DJ & MC, Concrete, Industrial, Barrierbreakz)
Destrooy aka dubdub (Liveset, outer space tekno)
YaYa (DJ, Cyber, Wave, Bass, Breakz)
Control Delete (DJ, Industrial, Techno, Noise)
DJ Silence Crew (VJ, Cyper, Deck)

Mariannenplatz 1 A