30.09.2017: Skrrr Skrrr #1 "Dark Real Dark Collective Edit" @ Panke

Samstag, 30.September 2017

-----> SKRRR / SKRRR Vol. 1 -->
⇃↾⇃↾⇃↾ WE LET THE HEADZ RING ↾⇃↾⇃↾⇃
to a heavy load of #Bass & nais #Visuals

#footwork #jungle #halftime #dnb #future is on the menu & we're
happy to bring you strong talent + musical fire in the name of:

# Rbyn - DJ, Blog (DARK REAL DARK / Through These Eyes Rec)
# 65 Shapeshifters (DARK REAL DARK)
# Linko (DARK REAL DARK / Bass Prediction / Opaque)
+ local BLOCK talent by Trixter (Very Unimportant People) & MoonWalka (Heavy Session Movement)

Visuals / Mappings: Displaced Pictures
Do the right thing & go underground with us at
weddings finest & loveliest boomspace Panke....

password for 2€ - KIR entry discount will be posted here one day before the event

by THE BLOCK Berlin

Facebook Shit: https://www.facebook.com/events/167064700523550/

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"skrrr skrrr - let's get lit"

Mit Passwort: 5€