29.04.2017 Transition pres. Klute "Read between the Lines" album launch @ Hoppetosse

Samstag, 29.April 2017

Transition LAB
is a project created to promote electronic music following a dynamic process involving producers, promoters and guests into an open laboratory in continuous evolution.

For the 2nd chapter we're happy to delight you with a special edition on 2 floors


// Bassa Clan (Bassa Clan -Howl - Bolo Represent)
// Coffee Pot (Coffee pot Music - Recycle)
// TC80 (Cabaret rec - Castanea)
// JAKO Live (Alphahouse.Transition)
// Lion Bakman & Tolga Top (The Gathering)
// Stefano Aluzzi (Transition)


// Klute - Official (Commercial Suicide)
"Read between the Lines" album launch
// Delicat & Soulsurfer (Sun and Bass)
// DJ RUMBA drum&bass (Sun and Bass)
// Groove Daniel b2b Saxon Math (Lounge Squatt)
// Spacedrome (Elastica records)
// Ntropy (Modulate Recordings / Singularity Audio)

hosted by Soultrain Locomotive

timetable dnb floor

00.00 01.00 Ntropy
01.00 03.00 Delicat & Soulsurfer
03.00 04.30 Klute
04.30 05.30 Groove Daniel b2b Saxon Math
05.30 06.30 Spacedrome Live
06.30 end Rumba