24.03.2017: Bass Prediction #4 presents: NEVE (The Dreamers / Med School / Flexout // Italy) @ Spartacus Potsdam

Freitag, 24.März 2017

Bass Prediction goes into the next round and this time it will be a strictly 160-170 party.
We invited Drum & Bass producer and DJ Neve from Italy who runs his own record lable called The Dreamers and released also music on famous lables like Med School or Flexout.
His latest releases are a mixture between future jungle and halftime so his music fits perfectly into our concept.
Furthermore we invited two well known homies from berlin: 65 Shapeshifters and Desire.
Both of them already played at least once at spartacus and we're happy to have them again playing their footwork and jungle sets.
so come around and enjoy!

NEVE (The Dreamers / Med School / Flexout // Italy)

65 Shapeshifters (Signals / Dark Real Dark)

Desire (Signals)

Linko (Bass Prediction)

>> Awareness ahead <<

Das Awareness-Team, zu erkennen an den Awareness/Spartacus-Bändchen, wird dazu beitragen, dass es für alle Feiernde eine angenehme Party wird und das Spartacus für alle einen Schutzraum bieten kann. Falls ihr Hilfe braucht und/ oder ihr grenzüberschreitendes Verhalten erlebt oder beobachtet sprecht sie an! Passt aufeinander auf.

The awareness team to be recognized by the Awareness/Spartacus sign around their necks, helps to ensure that it will be a pleasant party for all ravers and that a shelter will be provided for everyone. If you need help and / or experience or witness transboundary behavior talk to them! Take care of each other!

>> Refugees Welcome <<
>> We won't tolerate any Xenophobia <<

FB: www.facebook.com/events/1245411252213295/

Spartacus Potsdam
Friedrich-Engels-Straße 22
5 min from PDM Main Station (S7/RE1)