16.12.2017: Bassport feat. Disprove & Elisa Do Brasil @ Rosis

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Samstag, 16.Dezember 2017


Drum&Bass Floor:
DISPROVE [ Invisible, Critical, Eatbrain, MethLab ]
ELISA DO BRASIL [ Forever DnB / Paris ]
SURVEY [ Invisible, Flexout Audio, Dispatch, Dsci4, Renegade Hardware ]
WEAPONIZED [ Bassport, Void Club ]

Reggae, Dancehall:

Einlass 23:00 Uhr | 5 Euro, ab 0:00 Uhr 7 Euro

Follow a huge year that saw him releasing on some of the leading labels in drum & bass, 2017 finds Disprove
through the threshold of the doorway to great things, with a hungry and fanatical fanbase eager for his next
material and having gained the support of leading labels including Invisible, Critical, Eatbrain, MethLab and
He entered the DnB scene in 2015, following a focus on bass music that included ‘LOCKHEED’ - a collaboration
with Teknian & Ordure on INSPECTED with UKF support, as well as a remix of Black Sun Empire’s track
‘HIDEOUS’ released through BLACKOUT, as well as a number of releases on US labels Ammunition and Caliber.
In 2015 he was catapulted into the ears of the tech dnb scene with the release of ‘Wardrive’ and ‘ARKAIK
TWELVE’ (with talented upcoming producer SIGNAL) on Renegade Hardware following his ‘BAD BODY’
collaboration on the label with Maztek. His evolved sense of precision and fresh sound caught the ears of
EATBRAIN who released his much sought-after track ‘FRQNCS’ as well as ‘Tip Slip’ on their ‘Mirror Universe’
compilation and commissioned him to create the impactful DAMAGE EP in 2016. NOISIA re-released his
anthem ‘NEGATIVE DOTS’ on their INVISIBLE RECORDINGS imprint, as well as releasing the heavyweight
anthem CALL THE SHOTS, with rumours of a joint EP project with collaborator Signal in production for the
label. 2016 saw a number of other high profile artist collaborations with the release of ERGER on Invisible,
VANGUARD and FEARLESS on CRITICAL RECORDINGS in collaboration with Signal, RITUAL with Signal &
Audeka, and SIGNATURE with MachineCode on the MethLab // 2 release on BAD TASTE RECORDINGS. The
MethLab – Eatbrain – Bad Taste collective, TERMINAL, also released WILDCAT in collaboration with Tobax
and MILITANT with Audeka… a pair of violently energetic tunes perfect for the dystopian dancefloor.
Disprove stands as one of the most exciting upcoming producers of the drum and bass genre, with an
impressive array of releases behind him, and an incredible selection of new projects incoming. His dense and
complex, yet minimalist sound defines his style, with microscopic focus on the detail of making each moment of
his music carry depth without an abundance of elements. Carefully balanced tracks that have undeniably heavy
cores, regardless of the tempo, with finely distorted kick drums, clean and crispy mixes and super funky rhythms
over layers of carefully compressed audio.

Keep it underground!

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der timetable:
23:00-00:00 Lorn
00:00-01:30 Survey
01:30-03:00 Elisa Do Brasil
03:00-04:30 Disprove
04:30-EN:DE Weaponized

Special Guest:
MC Zhi ( symbiz)

Bis Samstag!

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