09.06.2017 - 11.06.2017: A Bass Odyssey Festival (Dub, Jungle, Drum & Bass, Dubstep, Roots uvm.) @ Mensch Meier

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Freitag, 9.Juni 2017

✧✦ June 9th-11th, 2017: A Bass Odyssey ✦✧
Eine audiovisuelle Reise durch 50 Jahre Soundsystemkultur & Bassmusik

Limitierte Vorverkaufskarten sind bis zum 1. Mai verfügbar:

2 Nights ❂ 1 Day ❂ Indoor & Open Air ❂ Proper Soundsystems ❂ 40+ Artists ❂ Live Acts ❂ Workshops ❂ Visual Art ❂ High Chai ❂ Great Food ❂ Chill Space ❂ Photo Exhibition ❂ X-Amount of Vibes!

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dub ❂ steppas ❂ roots ❂ dubstep ❂ rootstep ❂ jungle ❂ drumnbass ❂ dubwize ❂ reggae ❂ halftime ❂ future dub ❂ garage ❂ grime ❂ bass ❂ and everything inbetween!

On one fateful night in the late 1960's, a soundsystem operator by the name of Rudolph "Ruddy" Redwood went to Duke Reid's "Treasure Isle" Studio in Kingston to cut a one-off dubplate for an upcoming soundsystem session. When he played the record - on which the vocal track had accidentally been left out - the crowd went crazy, chanting the lyrics and calling for rewind after rewind. Bunny Lee, an influential producer who had attended the dance that night, later told the legendary King Tubby of the records effect on the crowd. This eventually led Tubby to pioneer a new technique of "dubbing" the vocals in and out of the instrumental track, which would soon come to be known as the "version"

This revolutionary technique would not only lead to the creation of dub music, but also paved the way for a future generation of soundsystem operators and engineers to gain access to modern mixing techniques using analog studio hardware. Following an influx of Jamaican immigrants to the British Isles in the 60's & 70's, soundsystem culture began to gain international exposure, with homegrown soundsystems such as the legendary Channel One & Jah Shaka championing the sounds of the Caribbean in the UK and abroad.

50 years later the sounds and culture are livelier than ever, with countless artists across the globe tirelessly pushing the sounds of dub, steppas, roots, jungle and dubstep on self-styled soundsystems and rigs. From June 9th-11th we gather to celebrate thier legacy and pay homage to the true spirit of bass music, with an all-star line up of local and international purveyors of soundsystem culture!

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Artwork & Design by Eric Tiedt Illustration!!

Resident DJ | Promoter at Dub der guten Hoffnung & Serendubity. Check my Soundcloud for new mixes !!!

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Der offizielle Mixtape ist jetzt online! Mit 30 originellen Tunes/Remixes exklusiv von Künstlern die vom 9.-11. Juni auftreten!!


A Bass Odyssey is a brand new festival dedicated to everything dub-related in Berlin, Germany. Our first event will be taking place from the 9th – 11th of June, 2017 at Mensch Meier, featuring an all-star lineup from near and far, ready to take you on an audiovisual journey through 50 years of sound system culture and bass music! In preparation for this massive event, musical madman Jimi Handtrix has prepared a special mixtape comprising 30 tunes and remixes, exclusively from artists performing at A Bass Odyssey!


01 - Young Warrior - Creation New Dub (Jah Shaka Music, 2014)
02 - Young Warrior - Magnify (Jah Shaka Music, 2014)
03 - Young Warrior - Magnify The Dub (Jah Shaka Music, 2014)
04 - D-Operation Drop - Rivers Of Babylon (Moonshine Recordings, 2017)
05 - D-Operation Drop - Liberation (Moonshine Recordings, 2017)
06 - Radikal Guru - Raggamuffin Souljah (feat. Echo Ranks) (Moonshine Recordings, 2016)
07 - Radikal Guru - Warning! (feat. Echo Ranks) (Moonshine Recordings, 2013)
08 - Radikal Guru - Warning! (feat. Echo Ranks) (Violinbwoy Remix)(Moonshine Recordings, 2016)
09 - Jah Schulz with Ras TimBo & Tribuman - Silver & Gold (Dub 2) (Railroad Records, 2017)
10 - Jah Schulz with Ras TimBo & Tribuman - Silver & Gold (Railroad Records, 2017)
11 - Jah Schulz with Ras TimBo & Tribuman - Silver & Gold (Dub 1) (Railroad Records, 2017)
12 - Violinbwoy - Don't Kill Your Dub (Lion's Den, 2016)
13 - Violinbwoy - Don't Kill Your Brother (feat. Echo Ranks) (Lion's Den, 2016)
14 - Hatcha - Bawl Out (Hatched, 2016)
15 - Zemon - Hiatus (Subotage, 2015)
16 - INFRA - Pulsar (Shadowdub, 2012)
17 - INFRA - Rogue (F4TMusic, 2013)
18 - INFRA - Station 403 (Shadowdub, 2012)
19 - DJ Madd - Kingdom VIP (Dub-Stuy Records, 2016)
20 - DJ Madd - Kunta Kinte Medley (Dub-Stuy Records, 2017)
>> A1 - Burro Banton - Nah Sell Out
>> A2 - Rider Shafique - Over The Oceans
>> B1 - Shanti D - Inna Different Style
>> B2 - Kunta Kinte 2017 Riddim
21 - Umberto Echo - Tomorrow Now Dub (Enja Records, 2013)
22 - Aries - Nuff Reggae Music (Lion Dubs, 2005)
23 - Aries & Ras Lion - Reality (feat. Navigator & Mish Maybe (Higher Ground Recordings, 2017)
24 - Brian Brainstorm - Right Now (Liondub International, 2016)
25 - Brian Brainstorm - King's Road Dub (Higher Ground Recordings, 2017)
26 - Jahcoustix & Dub Inc. - Better Days (Umberto Echo Dubmix) (Oneness Records, 2017)
27 - Mellow Mood - Dat's Me (Umberto Echo Dubmix) (Echo Beach, 2015)

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Der Timetable darf natürlich nicht fehlen!

Für alle Junglists da draußen, am Samstag geht's dann mit der Higher Ground Recordings Release Party zur Sache!! Denn am Montag, dem 12. Juni, kommt die erste 12" endlich in den Läden (bspw. Tricky Tunes), und das muss gebührend gefeiert werden!!

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