07.07.2018: Wild Spirit Cocreation Gathering @ Kulturbotschaft

Bild von Jonas der Containerbär
Samstag, 7.Juli 2018


we are the people from Zwille & other selforganized community initiativs in Berlin - this is an open gathering to join fires, have fun, and celebrate the each one teach one movement of lovers, fighters and playfull spirits

location see: https://anahatabloom.wordpress.com/

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14:14 Doors open

15:15 Opening of the Circle

We will start the day collectively as we gather in a circle and share a bit of ourselves (very relaxed and openly)

16:16 Explore, express, create and play in the different spaces of co-creation

-Dancing with Lea
-Art with Joanna
-Community-reflections with Sophia and Anne
-Theater with the Kuringa (http://www.kuringa.org/)

19:19 KÜFA (vegan food)

20:20 Closing of the Circle
We close the daytime program with drumming circle and more

21:21 Open Jamsession – Open Spaces

00:00 – Floors open – party

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✺ Kino ✺

•••Docu from TACHLES

✺ Outside Chill ✺

•••ROTEBETE & HER ALLY in THE PROCESS (oldschool hiphop with MC)

•••Ili (Raggae / Dub)

•••more tba

✺ Party Space ✺

•••PETER SILIÉ (Jungle)

•••Matzel Flip (Drum & Bass)

•••SOMADELIC (Jungle / Drum & Bass)

!1! (dub)


Hertzbergstr 1a, Berlin Lichtenberg