04.03.2017 Drumatic VIII with Detest @ Void Club

Bild von Fexomat
Samstag, 4.März 2017

DRUMATIC is an European series of events aimed to enlivening the Hard DNB / Hardcore Scene. We worked with such headliners as Katharsys, Counterstrike, Forbidden Society, I:GOR, Cooh or C-Netik. Now it´s time for another move.

Join the Sect at DRUMATIC VIII on which will play, among others:

- Detest
- Fexomat

More info soon!

► VOID Club - Wiesenweg 5 - 10365 Berlin
http://www.void-club.de | http://www.facebook.com/berlinvoidclub

Bild von VOID

Mainroom: Hardcore Dnb, Crossbreed, Breakcore, Hard Dnb
Barfloor: Neurofunk, Dark Dnb, Techstep, Techno Dnb