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Metalheadz steps into the realms of digital multimedia with launch of our website. Intergrating video, music and art, the offical website is your gateway to all things Metalheadz. Point your browser to our homepage and you'll find news from the Metalheadz camp, reviews of software, films and books, historical infomation and much more!

Our online store has the entire Metalheadz back catalogue now available as mp3. Now you can own your own copy of 'The Angel's Fell!'. With our straightforward and logical system, we're sure you'll find the store a joy to use. A couple of clicks and you've got a fresh Metalheadz track on your desktop.

Check out our artist section, complete with hi-res photos and detailed biographies from each of Metalheadz artists.

Our gallery has a vast amount of images, reaching back as far as Goldie's childhood, up to a recent event in Tokyo. See if you can find yourself in one of the event pictures! Feel free to send us any photos or artwork too!

There's lots more in store as well, including streaming and downloadable sets from the Blue Note, Leisure Lounge, Hanover Grand and more! Watch this space as we unveil Rufige, the brand new digital label from Metalheadz!

- The Metalheadz Team.


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