Meta4 - "Scatterstep EP" [Internet Recordings www027]

Internet Recordings www027: Meta4 - "Scatterstep EP"

1. Meta4 - "Scatterbrain"
2. Meta4 - "Scatterbrained"
3. Meta4 - "Dadstep 1.0"


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Meta4 aka Tom Spragg from Southampton is an old dog teaching himself new tricks. He used to release Techno and Minimal Hardcore in the early/mid 90s in groups such as Caustic Visions and Alien Disco on Industrial Strength, Network23 and on their own labels. He is also open to cross genre experimentation and has had a long term love relationship with Drum & Bass (and a release on Fuze Recordings together with Lynx). But only recently has he began to put his two decades of experience with studio production into solo tunes at all, and moved on to a proffessional bedroom production environment. This tree has borne fruit, like this sweet Techno tune on 7teen Records just this summer, and is now branching out to the Internet with these two faces of a swinging Drum & Bass tune alongside the historically preminiscent Dadstep.

Meta4 links: Soundcloud, Discogs

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