Soli-action on the to-do list: Selforganised Elementary School in Kenia

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Donnerstag, 3.März 2016

hello KiRollers,
this time I m gonna post the Soli-Topic without the Party, because it's something fresh and still to plan:

There is a selforganised fair and ecologic elementary school in Ulamba, Lake Viktoria, Kenia, where I m going to volunteer as a Team Trainer and Mediator this spring, together with another friend, an Art Teacher for children.
Today I m starting to Crowd-fundraise this project to make it possible and I am wondering if there are some noble-hearted PartyCrews in Berlin, who would support collecting money for the expenses of travelling and acquiring materials.

Just let me know by PM, if u wanna get involved icon_wink.gif
Peace out!

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schöne sache!

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