Venderstrooik & Del_F64.0 - Blaulicht Kapot!!! Livejam@The Legendary Techno Hüpfburg, Berlin

This brandnew Live-Audiofiles includes a Holy Conjunction.
It is the Conjuction of Venderstrooik´s LIDL-Architecture inspired konkersack soundaesthetics with Del_F64.0´s polskigerman Lower class Asikinderscheise.

Both acts are known to be drunk, fartjoking and bringing lots of cheap discountercans and primitive erotic airhorn stimuli to your overrated student party. They dress in coloured cloth while they undress. dance and puke for hours on the wooden tables of suburban consciousness. At weekends, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesdays and Thursdays. If you spread this and click on "like" then people will know you are slutty and easy to attract.

Cheap Mastering & Cutting by German Thrash Metal Legend "The kettle scratcher"(Zara Paz).

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