Del_F64.0 - Kurde Do Sufitu!

Del_F64.0 is our distorted tapir project from outta space, it is now dedicated to destroy all cars and plant trees were streets are built to convert the planet from a capitalist patriarchic piece of bulk into a funky space for having fun, again.

We are sorry for still using Soundcloud, again.

We went into an expensive American Soundstudio and then to a Nail Polish Studio to have the good arty sound and look the artificialhologram audience in our nightmares expect from us. As we once went out of the shabby expensive American Sound and Mastering Bureau,

An agent from the Television Company “Reality Live” asked us to write a Jingle for their daily wheather show, but we denied because they offered 1 000 00087878787878 billion dollars and 64 Cent and we do not like to have these itchy little coins in our wallets that they also have to also hand out then if you ask for the cash in a bank office to buy cocaine from a serious Mexican guy who arrives to the deals with a green Jeep or a Black Cadillac Limousine.

Because of that we were dropped out of the Nail Polish Studio while only half of our finger nails were dressed up, and when the guys in the Sound Studio saw our only half polished fingernails they asked if we would be Polish and Lena became angry and screamed “Kurde do Sufitu” while shaking her fist in a non polite way - we got even kicked out of that studio and had to claim this recording is a megacool D.I.Y. homeproduced underground recording to cover the fact and story with the American business studio. Surely it was the influence of “Reality live” who have their fingers in every game, also in “Glücksrad” and “Geh aufs Ganze”.

The mix itself is the strongest, tightest and most virtuos Del_F64.0 Output ever made and it deals with Shit, Gangsters and some secret numerologic tricks to find out how the stock exchange rate of the Dow Jones will be in 5 days. Just listen and you will know!

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