Bud Pets - Dub Tales #5 - Live @ Berlin Breakz on NSB Radio

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Bud Pets - Dub Tales #5 auf mixcloud
Mitschnitt des 1-stündigen Dubstep-Garagen-Bass-Sets @ "Berlin Breakz" auf nsbradio.co.uk vom 23/02/2015, hosted by Baskah...

1. Latch by Scuba
2. Kenshin by SP:MC & Youngsta
3. Elemental Fears by Thelem
4. Therapy by J:Kenzo
5. Together In The Dust by Icicle
6. Zero Gravity by Asylum
7. Electro Scratch by Benga
8. Hawkeye by Cluekid
9. In The Background by Cyrus
10. Hugz (feat. Bambounou) by French Fries
11. Synbad by Horsepower Productions
12. Constant by J:Kenzo
13. Acid Step by Icicle
14. Symmetry by Biome & Demon
15. The Elephant Tune by Ulterior Motive
16. Who's There by Youngsta & Seven
17. Sidewinder (Ipman Remix) by Killawatt
18. Good Old Days by DJ Madd
19. Gather by Peverelist
20. CCTV by Dandelion

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