Keep da Bass Rollin` vol 4 - Andy.Knight

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KEEP DA BASS ROLLIN` vol 4 - Andy.Knight

The Hamburg based Dj Andy.Knight always showed his love to the deeper side of Dnb in his set, even at a time when this style was almost nowhere to be heard in northern Germany. As a part of the Outrider Crew from the beginning he always stayed true to his style and is still a 100 percent vinyl addict. Check out his dark and gloomy vinyl selection, that fits perfect into this deep Dnb mix series. Keep cool, enjoy, and don't forget to subscribe to the podcast!


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1. Need For Mirrors - Wow (Horizons Music)
2. Mako & Andy Skopjes – Seek The Truth (Dispatch Recordings)
3. Foreign Concept & Monty - Bozen (Critical Music)
4. Voltage - Submarine (31 Records)
5. Macca & Loz Contreras - Lost Origins (Spearhead Recordings)
6. Calibre - Understand (CIA Deep Cut)
7. Bungle – Close Your Eyes (Sonorous Music)
8. 3s Company - Company flow (Super Sound)
9. Spirit - Three In One {Need For Mirrors rmx} (Interactive Music)
10. Survival & Paul T - Go Back (Dispatch Recordings)
11. Amoss - Rollpipe (Dispatch Recordings)
12. Enei - 2012 (Critical Music)
13. Amoss - Why Do We Fall (Horizons Music)
14. Genotype - The Day After The Night (Samurai Music)
15. Eastcolors - Things Inside (Demand Records)
16. Phobia, Jubei & Sato - Atlas (Coded Music)
17. Eastcolors - Heavy Tone (Demand Records)
18. June Miller - Half Top Feelings {Amoss rmx} (Horizons Music)
19. Jubei - The Path {Skeptical rmx} (Ingredients)
20. Need For Mirrors - Voltaire (Comercial Suicide)
21. Bungle - Don't Look Back (Spearhead Recordings)

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