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Sunder is one of the busier Adam Millses in London, but he originally stems from Chelmsford, Essex (where Britain's smallest cathedral is currently still standing). His is a classic Drum & Bass background, in that he began by pursuing a classic non-electronic music hobby. He started playing drums at the early age of 12, was in a couple of Rock bands and taught himself how to use pianos and guitars. At the age of 16 he discovered bass, went into production and two years later he had one of his (4/4) tracks played in a club. Another year later the two came together for him when he attended his first DnB event (a Hospitality night) and was there bitten by the infamous bug.

Today he has built up a solid homestudio and uses a combination of hardware and software on his ongoing quest to condense inner beauty into his own unique menage à trois with heftiness and precision. To pass the time until producer superstardom he has joined an electronic band (the hemispherical live act Weisman) and is also in the process of building up his DJ career from the ground, whilst slowly manifesting and climbing the steps towards his future motion picture soundtrack aspirations. Oh and he has an academic music production education and proffessionally works in the actual music industry as well. As his band have been collecting gig experience and is currently releasing their first single, now is a jolly good time for this his first solo outing. Proof is in the tune, this guy's future writes itself if only he finds the time to make more Drum & Bass (where the money's at).

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